High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Flame Retardant Paint Video Demos

Here your will be able to watch our Firefree paint test videos, which show how our products perform under actual fires. We have made sure to provide a diverse selection of test videos to show how our paint products protect different structures. We have recorded flame retardant paint video demos of both internal and external fires. This is to simulate both outdoor fires, such as wildfires, and internal fires.

We have also performed multi-structure tests to demonstrate how fire can easily spread from one structure to another. This Firefree paint test video demonstrates how our product can be life-saving in such situations.

These tests are performed to demonstrate each product’s ability and should not be recreated under any circumstances. All fires in these videos are under the supervision of professionals.

Make sure to check back every so often to find any new flame retardant paint video demos we post.