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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Please refer to the Firefree 88 and Firefree Class A product pages or contact us for detailed information.

How do your products work?

Firefree coatings will expand (intumesce) many times from their original thickness when exposed to flame or extremely high heat (176° Celsius). During this process the coating will produce a char, which insulates the surface reducing heat release, smoke development and flame spread dramatically reducing the chances of flashover occurring.

Our paints can be applied to most substrates used in the construction and transportation industries including wood, gypsum board (sheetrock, plasterboard), lathe and plaster, concrete, masonry, embossed/pressed metal tin, thin gauge metal, galvanized steel and aluminum, spray polyurethane foam (SPF), fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastics and other composite etc. Our products are not used for steel beams and columns.

Firefree products are approved and used in construction, both new, retrofit and defective, (residential, commercial, industrial and government), insulation and transportation. The projects using our products included historic properties, schools, health care (hospitals, assisted living…), apartments, condominium, ,high-rises, hotels, stores, restaurants, oil and solar facilities, government facilities, military applications and facilies, transportation (aerospace, aviation, light rail, maritime, energy…. Our products' uses include walls, floor, ceilings, doors, shaft walls, attics, decorative panels and structures, automotive, airplane, ship and train parts, lithium batteries, shipping containers, playgrounds, mining structures, military equipment etc.

Ff88 and FfA come in a white color and are tintable to most colors (not exceeding 8 oz of tint/gal). Contact your local paint store to enquire about universal compatible tint and for assistance with tinting choice and process. For interior use, if a different color or finish is desired, Ff88 and FfA can also be top coated with most premium latex paints to achieve a different color and finish. Contact your local paint store for assistance with choice of a compatible topcoat.

For exterior uses, FfE is required. FfE comes in a white color and both standard (white) and (deep) bases, satin finish. Both bases are tintable to most colors (not exceeding 8 oz of tint/gal). Contact your local paint store to enquire about universal compatible tint and for assistance with tinting choice and process. In some cases, improper tinting can contribute to surfactant leaching. FfE can also be top coated with most premium exterior latex paints to achieve a different color and finish. Contact your local paint store for assistance on choice of topcoat.

Firefree 88 and Firefree Class A are designed for interior use. However;

  • Firefree Class A can be used as part of the Firefree Exterior System, when covered by Ff Exterior Topcoat
  • Firefree 88 can used in some exterior applications if covered by the Ff Exterior Topcoat in strict compliance with Firefree’s specifications at time of sale.

Please refer to Wildfire Systems.

  • Firefree 88 is our premier intumescent fire resistant coating tested to comply with fire ratings performance prescribed under the International Building Code. These standards involve (i) fire resistant testing which measures a product’s ability to prevent fire penetration over a period of time, such as ASTM E 119, FM 4975, ASTM E 662-97, ASTM E 3675-98, ASTM E 162-98, ASTM E 1354-94, ASTM E 814, BS 476, AS 1530.3 AS 1530.4. EN 13501-1, and fire retardant testing such as ASTM E 84 and Room Corner Test standards including UBC 8-2, NFPA 286, UBC 26-3 (Part 1 of FM Class 4880), measuring a product’s ability to limit flashover.
  • Firefree Class A is our flame retardant paint classified as Class “A” rating per ASTM E 84 and ASTM E 84, 30 minute extended. These standards involve fire retardant tests which measures a product’s ability to slow down horizontal flame spread and smoke development.

The testing has been performed on a vast number of wall, floor/ceiling and roof ceiling assemblies both full scale and small scale, in load bearing conditions and non-load bearing conditions including hose stream testing where applicable. Additional testing has been performed to Factory Mutual test standard as well as transportation, maritime and aviation test standards.

Firefree products have been tested to a wide variety of international standards including ASTM E 119 (1 and 2 hours), FM 4975, ASTM E 662-97, ASTM E 3675-98, ASTM E 162-98, ASTM E 1354-94, ASTM E 814, ASTM E 84, ASTM E 84 Extended 30 minutes, ASTM E2768-11, ASTM D2898-10, Room Corner Test standards including UBC 8-2, NFPA 286, UBC 26-3 (Part 1 of FM Class 4880), BS 476 in England, AS 1530.3, 1530.4, in Australia, EN 13501 in Poland, and SISIR door test standards in Singapore.

Firefree 88 is listed and labeled by FM Approvals, a division of FM Global, listed by ICC-ES, classified by Underwriters Laboratories (U/L), listed by CA SFM Building Materials and accepted by NY Material and Equipment Acceptance Division. FF88’s FM Approval Diamond is recognized internationally, including in the UAE. FfA is listed by ICC-ES. The Firefree Exterior System is listed by ICC-ES.

Firefree testing is conducted at IAS/ICC (IAS www.iasonline.org) third party accredited laboratories, which are subject to yearly calibration and certification and are competent and comply with Industry and / or International Standards.

The dry film thickness to be applied will vary depending on the fire rating being required and the material/substrate and assembly construction being coated. We will assist in providing the proper technical advice to assist clients in determining the adequate thickness.

We sell and ship fireproofing solutions in all five continents for private, corporate and governmental projects. We have customers and projects all over the world from the Americas (US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela…) to Asia (Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines…) to Africa (Nigeria…) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuweit…).

Yes, our fireproof coatings are safe and eco-friendly. They have has low VOCs ( <36gr/liter) which is extremely low compared to the current EFP regulations of 250gr/liter (per ASTM D3960). It is even significantly below California’s limit of 50gr/liter confirming that our products are non-flammable and non toxic.

Firefree 88 is certified under CDPH Method V1.2 (meeting the VOC emissions guidelines set by US Green Buildings). Additionally Firefree 88 qualifies for LEED Version 4, is Green Categorized under Factory Mutual, and meets Green Standards Performance under MPI GPS01 and GPS-02.

Yes, the process is similar to applying a regular water-based latex paint. Our paints can be brushed, rolled or sprayed using an airless spray gun. Additionally because of their high percentage of solids, our products will have an excellent spread rate and coverage.

Please note that as our Products involve fire protection (and thus life safety matters) it is important the the applicator strictly complies with the applications instructions and applies exactly the recommended thicknesses. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to choose a qualified applicator for the Product and ensure that such applicator applies the Product in strict compliance with the Application Instructions and applies the recommended thickness.

Firefree 88 is manufactured under FM Approvals and ICC-ES QC and surveillance inspections. FfA is listed and inspected by ICC-ES. The Firefree Exterior System is listed and inspected by ICC-ES.

No, in most cases our products do not require the use of a primer, unless you are painting over high gloss enamels or exposed, unprimed metal. In most cases, surfaces to be coated would be prepared, as would normally be done before the application of any paint. For high gloss finishes or bare metal, apply one coat of an appropriate type primer prior to an application of the Firefree coating.

Per manufacturer's recommendation and industry standards for paint/coating, the Exterior System should be monitored and inspected every 10 years from the original date to ensure conformance with the specified dry film thickness.

Occasionally surfactant leaching might happen. It is a common issue in the paint industry (although improper application can make it worse, which experienced painting contractors are familiar with. As your contractor will explain it will often correct itself over time. For more information, please ask your paint store or contractor, or see Surfactant Leaching

Yes, you can paint the interior of your home with Firefree, please check Firefree 88, or Firefree Class A, depending on which substrate you are covering and which testing standard you need.

As this is a life safety issue Firefree Coatings (“Firefree”) requires that all surfaces to which the Product was applied be inspected by third party special inspection agency, or an ICC-ES certified professional, of a Firefree QA/QC qualified inspector to verify that the Product has been properly applied in the required uniform thickness. To obtain a list of inspections agencies, go to https://www.intertek.com/building/psi/, or www.terracon.com .The hiring of an independent inspector is the responsibility of the contractor or customer.