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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint


The Firefree Exterior System has been fully tested to meet all the ASTM fire and weatherization standards required for wildfire protection in the Wildland Urban Interface (“WUI”), as prescribed in the California Building Code Section 704A.

The Firefree Wildfire System is a high-performance fire coating system, and only system fully tested to the ASTM E2768-30 for fire ignition resistance (ASTM E84 30 Minute Extended), and the ASTM D2898 method B for weatherization.

In order to meet the WUI standards, any system is required to pass BOTH fire and weatherization testing to show that the fire resistant properties will survive long term exposure. Assuming that a fire resistant coating product designed for interior use can be covered or top coated by any method or product will not work, as the combination of products might affect both the fire and weather properties.

The Firefree System has been tested first to severe weatherization exposure, following by severe fire testing of the weatherized panels showing that the product retained its fire ignition resistance after long term weather exposure. The Firefree Wildfire System received listing reports ESR-1205 and ESR1206 from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), for both ASTM E2768-11 for ignition resistance (ASTM E84 30 Minutes Extended) and ASTM D2898-10 for weatherization.

All testing has been validated through ICC/IAS certified, independent third-party testing laboratories, including:
Independent ICC/IAS, 3rd party verification of the coating system application
Independent ICC/IAS, 3rd party weatherization testing (Western Fire Center)
Independent ICC/IAS, 3rd party testing of 3 sets of weatherized panels (QAI).
Three continuous sets of weatherized panels must pass. If one set fails, the entire process, including weatherization, must be repeated. The Firefree System met and passed all three sets.

The Firefree Wildfire System has also been tested to comply with California Building Code (CBC), SFM 12-7A-3 conditions in accordance with ASTM E 2957 for fire resistance to wildfire flame penetration of eaves, soffits and ignition-resistant materials to other assembly projections including (deck structures, cantilevers…).

The FfW system includes two coatings: Firefree Class A (“FfA”) which provides the fire ignition resistance, and the Firefree Exterior (“FfE”) topcoat which when applied over FfA protects FfA from long term weather exposure.

FfA is a high-performance fire retardant coating which meets the industry standard for non–combustibility and ignition resistant materials. This standard, which is used for fire retardant treated lumber (“FRT”), involves measuring a product’s ability to slow down horizontal flame spread and smoke development.

FfE is a premium acrylic paint. On its own it does not have fire retardant properties but using it to topcoat FfA will protect the fire retardant properties of FfA from long term weather exposure (moisture and UV).

FfA needs to be applied first, with a required thickness of two coats (2) @ 10 mils dry each, for a total applied thickness of 20 mils dry. The net coverage with the specified two coats is 53sqft/gal (1.30M2/L). FfA then needs to be top coated with FfE, as follows.

FfE then needs to be applied over FfA, with a required thickness of two coats (2) @ 3 mils dry each, for a total applied thickness of 6 mils dry. The net coverage with the specified two coats is 110 sqft/gal (2.70M2/L).

In addition to protecting FfA, FfE will provide both an exterior stain-resistant prime and a durable white, satin finish. If a different color or finish is desired, FfE can top coated with most premium paints to achieve the desired color and finish. For large orders (>200 gallons) FfE can be tinted by Firefree Coatings. Please contact Firefree for such custom tinted orders.

For other products that can also help with improving the fire protection of a structure exposed to wildfires and bushfires, please check out the Vulcan Vents at www.vulcantechnologies.com.

Vulcan Vents are fire and ember safe vents designed to self close when exposed to wildfires.

Fire Safety. For various reasons, including (i) the very different circumstances that may exist from one fire to another, (ii) the differences between conditions in an actual fire and laboratory conditions in which testing is conducted, and (iii) the inherent variability of fire tests, passing a laboratory test or certifying/labeling either Ff88, FfA or FfE (each a “Product”) for use in specific assemblies/systems does not mean that the same application of any such Product will necessarily provide an equivalent protection or the same result in an actual fire or in a new laboratory test. Furthermore, each Product, or combination thereof, is to be used only as a component of complete fire retardation systems. Ff88 or FfA will only contribute to slowing fire spread for the area where it has been applied and will not, by itself, prevent a fire from starting or continuing. The amount by which Ff88 or FfA retards a particular fire will depend, among other things, on (i) the amount of Ff88 or FfA applied, (ii) the conditions of the other elements of the assembly incorporating Ff88, or FfA, and (iii) the conditions of the actual fire itself. Ff88, FfA or FfE will not make a fire any less dangerous to persons or property. Firefree cannot guarantee that loss or injury will not be suffered by persons or property. It is the sole responsibility of the applicator to ensure that each Product has been applied in accordance with the application directions. It is the responsibility of the occupier to ensure the paint is not cracked, chipped or peeling.